Distressed Shipments

Performance Produce 3PL Services Group is always ready and able to help you maximize your profits.

Should you have a customer reject one of your fresh produce shipments, for any reason we are able to rework the rejected shipment. Our Distressed Shipments Service will minimize the time your customers are without product and Maximize your profits.

Your rejected shipment of produce means lost revenues and more importantly your customer has empty shelves. Our Distressed Shipments Service will help on both fronts.

Our Trained employees will break down the produce packaging and hand inspect each piece of produce. We will sort, grade, then remove the damaged produce from your shipment.

After reworking your rejected shipment, we will have produce ready to be packaged and re-shipped to your customer.

The end result of you utilizing our Distressed Shipment Service is minimal out of stock time for your customer and Maximizing your profits. Give us a try you will not be sorry.

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